Ecole Fondamentale Saint Louis de Gonzague is located in a rural area, on the hills of Nyabiyorwa, just outside Bujumbura. The Nyabiyorwa neighbourhood is very poor, having served as a base for rebel movements which have been destabilizing the country since 1972.

Over the years, education has been undermined in Nyabiyorwa owing to the recruitment of child-soldiers. As a haven for anti-government militia groups, few development efforts could be undertaken and the population lives in abject poverty.

The Jesuits of the Rwanda – Burundi region took this situation into account when founding a school that provides a basic education to children. The school project started in 2004 and today counts 12 classrooms and more than 850 pupils.

The school continues to face a number of challenges, not least getting qualified teachers who are willing to brave the mountainous relief of Nyabiyorwa. The current infrastructure is also inadequate for the growing number of students and will soon need to be complemented by new classrooms. For more information visit