Thank you for choosing to make a donation to support our work across Rwanda-Burundi Region. Know that you occupy a special place in the life of Jesuits, for our ministries and projects could not exist without your generous support. Your gift helps us to improve the quality of lives and to bring Jesus Christ into the lives of many. It also provides us with resources to develop and pursue new opportunities to serve the marginalized.

Important Contacts

Development Officer

Mr. Gérard Bozzetto


Regional Treasurer



Tel: +250 781 049 589


Write a cheque to ‘ Jesuit Rwanda-Burundi Region‘. This can be posted to the following address and will be immediate spent in the area you have decided. Please write a cheque to:

Jesuit Rwanda-Burundi Region
P.O.Box 6039 Kigali,
152 KG 11 Avenue,
Tel: +250 781049589

If you would like to dedicate the donation to any person please E-mail the Director, Mr. Gérard Bozzetto on e-mail:  with a brief note and also include a bank reference to your donation.


Should you have any queries please contact