Lycée du Saint Esprit (Lyceum of the Holy Spirit) is a public secondary school, located in Gihosha, in the City of Bujumbura, Burundi. The school was founded in 1952 as “Collège Interracial d’Usumbura” (Interracial College of Usumbura) at Kiriri. In 1959 it was renamed “Lycée du Saint Esprit.” The school moved from Kiriri to Gihosha on 12th September 1992.

Lycée du Saint Esprit is a day school open to all young men and women who fulfill the conditions of admission as specified by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Burundi. The school has O’ Level (collège) and A’ Level (lycée) sections.

Currently, the school runs four departments in the A’ Level section: Modern Languages, Sciences A (Mathematics-Physics), Sciences B (Biology-Chemistry), and Economics. Faithful to the Ignatian tradition, the Lycée du Saint Esprit aims to provide an integral human and Christian formation.

This is achieved by promoting personal reflection and communion with Christ. In addition to acquiring knowledge and know-how through academics, the students are encouraged to pay attention to events in their surroundings and the world.

Such formation invites students to adopt an attitude of service towards their fellow human beings. It is in this sense that a student of Lycée du Saint Esprit is formed to be a man or woman for others.