Saint Ignatius High School (SIHS) is a private school run by the Jesuit fathers of Rwanda-Burundi region. It is located in Kibagabaga, at the outskirts of the City of Kigali, Rwanda. Building on the Ignatian pedagogy, a system that has been celebrated for more than 400 years and counting, the school is determined to offer quality education to all its beneficiaries.

It strives to instill values of Magis (excellence), mutual respect and solidarity in all its students, and ensures that every child in the school is supported at individual level (cura personalis) by qualified staff. Besides academic excellence, students are molded to become men and women for others.

This is insured through extra-curricular activities that challenge students to think about their surrounding environs aiming at calling to their minds the importance of looking at the world around them as a field into which everyone should play their role so as to bring about positive change and build stronger foundations for generations to come.

Since its inception, its excellent performance in national examinations has made the school an envied destination. And its demography validates the claim: it has moved from 133 student body at its start in 2012 to 317 in 2017. The school has Ordinary level and three sections in Advanced level: MCB (Mathematics-Chemistry-Biology), MCE (Mathematics-Computer Science-Economics), and MPC (Mathematics-Physics-Computer Science).

It is also important to highlight that the current successes that the school has achieved are credited to the hard work of a very able team made of 24 teachers, 15 support staff and 7 administrative officers.